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Where do you deliver?

We deliver throughout the DFW Metroplex and surrounding suburbs. The delivery fee is $1.75 per mile.

What types of balloons do you use?

We use high quality branded balloons that are made of natural rubber latex. Our balloons are 100% biodegradable and we always encourage our clients to repurpose the balloons for another event if time allows.

Can you install my balloons outdoors?

Yes, however balloons do not do well in the Texas heat. Lighter colored balloons do better in direct sunlight than darker colors. We suggest that the balloons be installed in a shaded or covered area without direct sunlight. Outdoor installations may require an extra fee depending on the complexity of the setup. Outdoor installations are secured with a variety of techniques to combat the wind and heat in Texas, however we do not guarantee perfect outdoor balloon installs.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that your balloons will last once they are installed or picked up. Sun, heat, wind, brick, bugs, and other environmental elements can POP latex balloons. If we POP a balloon during transportation, we will replace it during the installation. If the balloon cannot be replaced, we will issue a refund. Boujee Not Basic Balloons is not responsible for balloons that POP after the installation or the delivery is complete.

How long will my balloons last?

We use high quality branded balloons however you may have balloons that deflate or pop earlier than expected. Pets, people and other environmental elements can POP latex balloons. We cannot guarantee your balloons will last once they have been delivered or picked up. Indoor balloon garlands could last up to a month or more (no guarantees) if kept away from direct heat and sunlight.

How long does it take to install my balloons?

Every custom installation time varies depending on the complexity of the design and the scale of the installation. We will provide an estimate time during our consultation but this is not a guarantee.

Do you come back and POP the balloons?

It is the client’s responsibility to discard/take down the balloons after their event. Our balloons are biodegradable and can be disposed of in the garbage or composted. Boujee Not Basic Balloons can return to take down and discard the balloons if needed for an additional fee.

Do you have backdrop options?

Yes, we have several backdrop options including Shimmer Walls, Grass Walls, Sailboard Arches, Metal Frames and Streamer Walls. All prop rentals will include a pickup fee. All props including metal frames, backdrops and neon signs are property of Boujee Not Basic Balloons and will be picked up by our team. The team will remove the balloons and give them to the client. Any damages to rental props will be subject to additional fees.

What do you use to attach the balloon garlands?

We use 3M Command Hooks that are wall friendly and when removed properly will not cause damage. Please see this instructional video for the proper removal of your command hooks: How to Remove Command™ Brand Hooks.

Is a deposit required? 

Yes, we ask for 50% of your order total as a deposit to secure your date on our calendar. The remaining balance is due 5 days before your event. Deposits are non-refundable.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to reschedule your order please do so as soon as possible. Events can be rescheduled up to five days before your event and your deposit will transfer to your new booking date. Events that are cancelled/postponed after this deadline are not eligible to be rescheduled due to product production and the deposit is non-refundable.

Do you have a minimum?

Yes, we have a $100 minimum for deliveries and installations. Delivery fees are $1.75 per mile.

What is a grab and go garland?

 A grab and go garland is a fully constructed balloon garland that is prepared by us and installed by you! Grab and Go Garlands bring the magic and sparkle of a professional balloon garland that is easier on the pocket book.

I am ready to bring the Boujee Balloon Magic to my event. How do I start? 

1. Fill out our inquiry form. 2. If your form is submitted Monday through Thursday we will contact you in 24 hours. Friday through Sunday are event days and our inquiries will be answered within 48 hours. 3. Finalize the details of your event and pay your deposit. 4. Get ready for your event to be BOUJEE!!

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